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& Accountability Report

Analyzing Graphs

The PFAC, in close cooperation with the INTOSAI General Secretariat, prepares the triennial Performance and Accountability Report (PAR). This report describes progress toward each strategic objective contained in the INTOSAI Strategic Plan. The Goal Chairs and Regional Organizations review the results achieved under each objective based on agreed-upon benchmarks, such as measured performance toward established targets and the completion of major tasks or deliverables. Those involved in the review will then determine what actions and next steps, if any, are most needed to ensure continued progress toward each objective. The purpose of the PAR is to inform long-term strategy, planning and budget formulation; identify opportunities for continuous improvement, including risk management; improve decision-making; improve collaboration across INTOSAI; and improve transparency. The PAR is shared with INTOSAI members and external stakeholders, publicized in the International Journal of Government Auditing, translated into INTOSAI's official languages and made publicly available on the INTOSAI website .

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